Best 80s Music

Journey 80s Songs


The 80s brought us great bands like Journey and the continuation of their incredible career. Here is the official list of Journey 80s Songs:


Any Way You Want It

Walks Like A Lady

Someday Soon

People and Places

Precious Time

Where Were You

I'm Cryin

Line Of Fire


Good Morning Girl

Stay Awhile

Homemade Love

Natural Thing

Little Girl

Don't Stop Believin

Stone In Love

Who's Crying Now

Keep On Runnin

Still They Ride


Lay It Down

Dead Or Alive

Mother, Father

Open Arms

Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

Send Her My Love

Chain Reaction

After The Fall


Edge Of The Blade

Troubled Child

Back Talk



Girl Can't Help It

Positive Touch


Be Good To Yourself

Once You Love Somebody

Happy To Give

Raised On Radio

I'll Be Alright Without You

It Could Have Been You

The Eyes Of A Woman

Why Can't This Night Go On Forever



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